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Interested in Joining the Feel Better Movement?

Crappy’s Feel Better is always looking for wholesale partners to help us spread the Feel Better. If you are interested in signing on as a wholesaler for Crappy’s Feel Better products, please visit our contact page and submit your contact information (name, company, e-mail and phone number) and mention your desire to become a wholesaler in the Comments/Questions area.

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Submit your contact information.
  2. A representative from Crappy’s Feel Better will contact you, and if there is a good match, set you up with an account.
  3. You can then return to this page with your Wholesale Account log-in information and shop the Wholesale products by clicking the button below to buy all the Crap you need.  This will give you access to order display boxes and large-volume discounts and orders.