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Crappy's Feel Better Hemp Co. Try-It-All Sampler

The Try-it-All Sampler

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Wishing there was an easy way to sample all the Feel Goods. We’re no genies, but that wish is granted!

Variety is the spice of life and this little variety pack will be sure to spice up yours. From powering down to charging ahead, and everything in between, we got you covered. Feel confident to take everything life throws at ya. Watch out ‘Blah’, ‘Meh’, ‘Ugh’ and ‘Argh’, we’re coming for ya. 

This Feel Better Sampler contains (6) 3-Tablet resealable Trial Pack of all Crappy’s chewable tablets, (2) 0.25 oz. Trial Jars of our Muscle Marvel Natural Liniment with Cooling Mint and Skin Stuff Natural Salve, and (1) 0.15 oz. Lip Crap CBD and SPF 15 lip balm. The following Feel Goods are included in this pack:

  • FADE FIGHTER TRIAL PACK - The natural way to stay alert and focused.
  • PARTY PREP TRIAL PACK - The natural way to get you loose and ready to shine.
  • BOUNCE BACK TRIAL PACK - The natural way to break the ache and get relief.
  • GO GETTER TRIAL PACK - The natural way to boost your energy and charge ahead.
  • CHILL OUT TRIAL PACK - The natural way to shake the stress and unwind.
  • POWER DOWN TRIAL PACK - The natural way to quiet your mind and get better Zzzs.
  • MUSCLE MARVEL NATURAL MUSCLE & JOINT LINIMENT TRIAL JAR - (Fragrance-Free or with Natural Cooling Mint) - The natural way to rub the ouch away.
  • SKIN STUFF NATURAL SOOTHE & REPAIR SALVE TRIAL JAR - The natural way to rub the ouch away.
  • LIP CRAP SPF 15 LIP BALM WITH CBD - The best crap for your lips.


Do a little experiment of your own and find out which blend of CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and terpenes are right for you. There is a little nerd in all of us. Nerd out. 

Here are some other ways to sample the Feel Goods:

  • Great gift for that hard-to-buy-for relative, friend or co-worker
  • Makes a great travel kit
  • Makes a perfect stocking stuffer

See product pages for ingredients. Please choose Muscle Marvel fragrance and Lip Crap flavor options below:

8 Reviews

  • 5
    Pretty Crappy LOL

    Posted by Kelley on Oct 16th 2021

    I got this sampler and so far so good. I put the skin cream on a cut I had and it works fast to help it heal. The pain cream is good also, I will save it for trips. The lip balm is the bomb. And the packs of pills work great. Glad I tried Crappy's will order more soon.

  • 3
    Good box

    Posted by Stephanie on May 7th 2021

    Good box a few things worked for me and some didn’t but I love how it offers more than just 2 products.

  • 4

    Posted by Tennille Beard on Apr 19th 2021

    Love the muscle marvel so much. I works very fast

  • 5
    The Try It All Sampler

    Posted by Patti Witham on Apr 14th 2021

    This has been the easiest way to "try". This muscle cream is the best. It has worked where others have not! Chewies are super!

  • 5
    Amazing products especially for the newby CBD user like me!

    Posted by Sam on Mar 13th 2021

    I am new to all things Cbd So far I have only tried the go getter and the fade fighter but I have loved them both they have definitely helped me focus better and not be so scattered brained I’m terribly ADD and my Brian goes a hundred different directions at once and not on medication and this helps wonders at calming my mind down so I can focus on one thing at a time ! The go getter is excellent it doesn’t give me the kind of caffeine jittery energy either it’s like when I’m at that point in my day where I’m sluggish and just want to sit on my couch and do nothing but yet I still have a billion things to do I take that and within like a half hour I start to feel better not like energizer bunny energy but just like I’m ready to get up and do things which I think is amazing bc I hate the jittery energy feeling. So it’s nice to have a product to just help me keep going threw out the day!

  • 5
    Brilliant bundle!

    Posted by Ryan Engesser on Jan 26th 2021

    An appreciated option!!! <3

  • 5
    Try it all sampler

    Posted by Zea Furlong on Jan 11th 2021

    I think this is a wonderful idea so that a way you can figure out which one's works best for you or what you prefer what you like and you're not invested in a whole bunch of money.

  • 5
    The Skin stuff is awesome

    Posted by Ebbie on Dec 18th 2020