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Crappy's Feel Better Hemp Co. The Feel Better Social Starter Box

The Feel Better Social Starter Box

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Hey Party People. Join the Feel Better movement. This Starter Box will get you geared up to bring your A game, uplift your mood and ease the not-so-great feelings of living large. One click, and you’re all set up.

Makes a great gift for a friend, family-member or coworker!

The Feel Better Build-a-Box contains (4) 25-count childproof tablet containers of our chewable tablets, (1) 1.5 oz. Airless pump of Muscle Marvel with Natural Cooling Mint, (1) 1.0 oz. Airless pump of Skin Stuff and (1) 0.15 oz. Lip Crap SPF 15 & CBD lip balm. The following Feel Goods are included in this pack:

  • FADE FIGHTER - The natural way to stay alert and focused.
  • PARTY PREP - The natural way to get you loose and ready to shine.
  • CHILL OUT - The natural way to shake the stress and unwind.
  • BOUNCE BACK - The natural way to break the ache and get relief.
  • MUSCLE MARVEL NATURAL MUSCLE & JOINT LINIMENT (Fragrance Free or with Natural Cooling Mint) - The natural way to rub the ouch away.
  • SKIN STUFF NATURAL SOOTHE & REPAIR SALVE - The natural way to rub the ouch away.
  • LIP CRAP SPF 15 LIP BALM WITH CBD - The best crap for your lips.

See product pages for ingredients. Please choose Muscle Marvel fragrance and Lip Crap flavor options below: