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Crappy's Feel Better Hangover Helper 25 Count Tablets

Hangover Helper

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Got quite a few fun nights ahead of you? Or looking to be a true hero by sharing the magic of Hangover Helper with friends? Look no further! This size of Hangover Helper will prepare you for more fun hangs with less Crappy hangovers.

When you can’t let a Hangover slow you down, here are some recommended times when Hangover Helper can put a little pep in your step:

  •   Gotta big day, but feeling the effects of last night
  •   Gotta nice nap in, but feeling a little slow
  •   Gotta bust your ass, not drag it
  •    Gotta face the music, but everything hurts too much

Ingredients: Active CBG, Active CBD, Active CBN, Dextrose, Silicon Dioxide, Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil, Terpene Blend.

THC-FREE / Vegan / Gluten-Free / non-GMO
Made in the USA

NET CONTENTS: 25 Tablets


1 Review

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    AKA - NO Hangover Helper

    Posted by Sara Alvis on Jul 15th 2020

    I started out taking FADE FIGHTER and love it! I had received some samples of HANGOVER HELPER, but set them aside at first because I didn't have a hangover. As I started becoming more familiar and interested in this company and these supplements specifically, I read the label and noticed that there were some different ingredients and I wanted to see how it was different. Well now I have to have both. I use FADE FIGHTER when I need to get things done. I use HANGOVER HELPER when I just want to feel better. After taking the samples, I just ordered a full-size bottle of HANGOVER HELPER. I don't understand all the science behind cannabinoids, but I trust that the nerds who created these products do understand. The FAQs on this site are very helpful. But honestly, I just want to feel better and that's what HANGOVER HELPER does for me. One day, I might even try it for a hangover!