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  • Don’t all CBD products work the same? I mean, the more CBD in a product, the more I’m getting my money’s worth, right?

    So, here’s the deal:

    Cannabinoids, being the oil-based substance that they are, don’t dissolve well in water, and since our bodies are made of roughly 60% water, most of that 500 mg of CBD in a gummy bear you just ate (and probably paid too much for) isn’t being utilized by your body! Remember, oil and water don’t mix! So, essentially, you’re flushing away most of that CBD...and your money.

  • Great, now I feel like crap knowing I’m not getting the most out of my products. Thanks a lot! What makes Crappy’s so special?

    Hey, we’re not trying to make you feel bad about it, we’re here to provide you with knowledge and products that make you Feel Better!

    Here was our “AH-HA!” moment: the amount of CBD in a tincture, gummy and other ingestible products all absorb about the same percentage of CBD, which is actually pretty darn low! So, we put our scientists’ brains together to create products with the perfect amount of CBD that your body actually uses.

    That’s what makes our products different. Our nerdy technology and proprietary formulations work to give you the optimal amount CBD, CBG, and CBN, combined with our terpene blends, all packaged into a small chewable tablet!

  • Why should I trust you, nerds?

    Well, for starters, you can always trust nerds.

    We’re not “B’s and C’s get degrees”-- we got degrees in B’s and C’s: Biology and Chemistry! We also have over 75 years of combined analytical experience which includes Quality Assurance testing, pharma, chromatography and not to mention, a lot of experience with consumer safety testing in this market.

    You can also trust the science behind it all. Why? Because it’s been the same for decades...we’re just using it Better!

    Lastly, the proof is in the product, all the way down to every last detail. Just read the package. You’ll actually be able to read it, because we picked ingredients that are actually...ingredients, not just confusing chemicals.

  • Okay, cool. So I’ve heard of CBD before, but you mentioned that CBG and CBN are also in your products. What are those? Why should I care? Are they like THC and are intoxicating?

    Cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN) are minor cannabinoids that are produced by hemp and cannabis plants. They are not intoxicating like THC, but have other benefits that CBD doesn’t give you. Combine those with CBD and you’ve got yourself a pretty cool and effective product *humble brag*. There are a bunch of amazing studies out there that highlight all of the great benefits of CBG and CBN. You should def look them up.

  • That’s pretty awesome. Are there any more reasons to get excited about Crappy’s?

    Uhhh, heck yeah!

    At Crappy's Feel Better, we believe in Feeling Good and Doing Good. A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to a variety of different local and national charities to not only make you Feel Better but also make the world better, one tablet at a time. We also nerd out together once a month by participating in charitable events as a company. These events benefit humans, pets, and our environment.

Truth or Crap?



THC is the compound from hemp that is responsible for psychoactive affects, not CBD.
To date, there has been no studies that show CBD to be an addictive compound.
Crappy’s Feel Better Hemp Co. products do NOT contain THC.