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Why should I trust you nerds?  I have tried CBD and I am not that impressed.  What makes you so different?

Why should I trust you nerds? I have tried CBD and I am not that impressed. What makes you so different?

Nov 9th 2020

A brief overview of the Not-So-Crappy tech that is packed into a Crappy’s Feel Better chewable tablet.

What happens to most of the CBD you take? Well… the truth is, it’s literally crap. Your body flushes most of the CBD you take. Any active ingredient, whether it’s an over-the-counter drug, like ibuprofen, or a dietary supplement, like vitamins or CBD, isn’t fully used by the body. This is commonly referred to as bioavailability – the proportion of an active substance that enters circulation and can be utilized by the body. Many studies have been done to learn the bioavailability of hemp oil and, truthfully, the results aren’t great. They’re crap. Traditionally, the least effective way to take hemp oil is orally (until Crappy’s hit the scene) and it only yields about 5% to 20% of the actual dosage. In other words, if you swallow 10 mg (milligrams) of CBD in a hemp oil extract, your body will only use, at best, 2 mgs. That’s 8 mg (80%) of your dosage being flushed by your body. Sublingual (under the tongue) is better, still not great though, as it tops out at around 35%. In case you were curious, that’s why its recommended to hold a tincture under your tongue. It helps you get more CBD. Nobody likes to do it, and few enjoy the taste, but that’s the world of tinctures. There is a reason why we stopped using them in the early 1900s. Pharmaceuticals have come a long way since then. We know modern pharmaceuticals well. We used to make them before we took the more natural-remedy path.

We, the Nerds at Crappy’s Feel Better, don’t want to brag, but when it comes to hemp, we got it goin’ on. We like to think of our company as the biggest study session in hemp science. To be honest, our customers are always a little shocked when they first try our products. They often comment on how fast they work and how long they last. Hard to imagine that little tab can bring the Feel Good like it does. To be honest, we love hearing about our products. We love talking about them too. So, if you want to learn more about bioavailability, its partner in Feel Better named solubility, and what Crappy’s is doing about it, let’s get our geek on. Grab a drink, pop a Fade Fighter and let’s get into it. It’s science time!

Ok, gonna throw some definitions at ya, so buckle up. Big distinction here between bioavailable and soluble. They have two very different meanings but are often used (incorrectly) interchangeably. Bioavailability, as we mentioned above, is the proportion of active substance that can be used, or absorbed, by the body. Solubilty, on the other hand, is the ability to be dissolved. Let’s use tea and sugar to show the difference between these two terms. When you drop a spoonful of sugar into a cup of HOT tea, it’s gone in like 2 seconds – fully dissolved. It’s has high solubility. In other words, the sugar is IN the tea. You take that same spoonful of sugar and drop it into a tall glass of ICED tea of the same volume, it hangs out at the bottom – partially dissolved. It has low solubility and is not IN the tea. So, let’s say you take a swig of that cold tea and then that hot tea. Which is sweeter? The hot tea – right? The sweetness is fully dissolved, and thus has more sugar available for those taste buds. High solubility leads to high bioavailability. It’s not about how much you PUT in. It’s about how much that GETS in. These two chemistry principles, bioavailability and solubility, work as a team – a one-two punch. So, when dealing with the delivery of an active (like, say a Crappy’s tablet or a tincture), you need to make sure the actives are first soluble. Then, they can become bioavailable. Solubility leads to increased bioavailability. Solubility is the driver. This is the big challenge with hemp oil. We know what it is capable of, and how it can help you, if we can only get it into, or soluble in, your body. Now, what do you think would happen if we dropped some hemp OIL in that water? See where this is going? Oil and water (your body) don’t mix well.

Here’s the deal. Hemp oil alone is not very SOLUBLE to the body and nobody can change that. It’s the laws of chemistry and physics. You don’t change the natural laws. You only work with them. What you CAN change, to kickstart the hemp actives, is the way hemp oil is ADMINISTERED. Chemists, like ourselves, have been developing new ways to better administer actives for decades. Through proper administration, we can make hemp actives more soluble, making them more bioavailable, and thus more effective. Make sense? See the connection? Solve the challenge of administration and you get effective. The nerds at Crappy’s saw this problem with hemp oil in new way and gave it a proper think. We zeroed in on creating a tailored technology to better administer cannabinoids, like CBD, by making them soluble first, and we came up with a pretty slick way to do it. It’s easily controllable. It’s natural. And it works well. So, I know what you’re thinking, “that’s some big talkin’ Crappy. Prove it.” We are always happy to talk some chemistry with you (or any willing or unwilling sole for that matter), so let’s dig deeper.

You know what they say… the proof is in the dissolution vessel (pudding wouldn’t really work here). There is a common technique used when formulating pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals called dissolution. Basically, us nerds have a way to mimic what happens in your tummy. We fill a vessel with some pseudo, lab-made digestive fluid (it sounds a lot more gross than it is). Then, we add what we want to measure. In this case, CBD in different administration formats. As it dissolves, we test the amount of CBD released at specific time intervals. We can then visualize how much CBD gets into the tummy and how fast it gets in there. BAM – we can literally see how fast and effective they work, called the rate of dissolution. So, we did that. We tested a bunch of different kinds of formats, some currently used, some new, and one that we thought had some real promise. Before we get into what we found, spoiler alert, we chose the one we affectionately call our Not-So-Crappy Tech. Here are the 2 big takeaways from what we learned.

Not-So-Crappy Fact #1- Crappy’s gives you all it’s got. Check out the graph. When you look at the rate of dissolution of each of these formats (the image in this article), you can clearly see one rises above the rest. We tested 5 milligrams of CBD using the various administration routes listed. Overall, our Not-So-Crappy Tech yields nearly full solubility (99%) over 90 minutes, nearly double that of the next best administration formats, and up to 10X more than common tinctures and soft-gels. Let’s pause and let that sink in for a moment. Brace yourself, gonna hit ya with some math. If you take 50 mg dose of CBD in a common tincture, you are getting only 5 mg that are actually usable. On the other hand, if you have 10 mg of CBD using our Not-So-Crappy Tech, you would get nearly all of the 10 mg into your body. With Crappy’s tech, you can literally get 2x more released CBD with 5X less dose. Other competing technologies have improved the solubility of CBD, but it only accounts for half the performance of our Not-So-Crappy Tech. So, if you take a 13 mg Crappy’s Fade Fighter tablet, you will get roughly a 12.9 mg dose of Feel Better. Likewise, if you take a single 50 mg dose of tincture, you will get roughly a 10 mg dose. More with less. Our Crappy Tech is not so crappy. It works. So, don’t be fooled by the dosage game. It’s the administration that counts, not how much “useless” CBD can be packed into a product.

Not-So-Crappy Fact #2Crappy’s works quickly. When you look at the first minute of our testing, something pretty awesome jumps out of the graph. Within one minute, our Not-So-Crappy Tech releases more CBD than after 90 minutes with a common tincture or soft-gel. In 5 minutes, a Crappy’s Feel Better tablet will provide more CBD than a tincture dose or soft-gel probably ever will. Those little tabs will pack a Feel Better punch that will make you a believer in The Better CBD.

So, as you can imagine, when we first realized the promise of our Not-So-Crappy Tech we were geeked. It was some good chemistry and formulation work. The nerd in us was beaming. But, after we really thought it through, we realized something we became way more geeked about. This Not-So-Crappy Tech was effective, sure, but it was also simple, natural and modern. We could see making what became our Crappy’s Feel Better chewable tablets that are right-size dosed, easy-to-use, and ready to be used on-the-go. We brought modern tech to the world of hemp – new science, old school. In our home state of Colorado, we are proud of our cowboy heritage. But we don’t want to be taking our CBD the way they took their medicines. Skip the tincture and go straight to what works the modern way – Crappy’s game-changing chewable tablet. The Little Big Tab. Respect.