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TRUTH OR CRAP?   Hangover Helper is only for when I drink too much.

TRUTH OR CRAP? Hangover Helper is only for when I drink too much.

Nov 9th 2020

That’s Crap. I harken back to the ageless wisdom of Willie Shakespeare on this one. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” The point I think ole Billy was making, with his classic eloquent flair, was although we apply names to things, the names do not define them. Montagues, Capulets, Hangover Helper… What’s in a name? Are they not defined by what they are made of?

First, let’s talk Hangovers. Yeah, the first thing that comes to mind is that all-too-memorable feeling of a headache, nausea and body pain that follows a heavy session of tippin’ the ole jug. Those of us who have admittedly experienced this (excluding all the liars out there), know that this feeling is miserably memorable. Understandably, it’s the first thing that jumps to mind when we hear the name hangover. If we refer to Merriam-Webster, though, there is another definition, given first status, that fits Crappy’s intentions with this tablet much better; Hangover: something that remains from what is past. Sure, this formulation can help with an alcohol hangover that remains from a past of drinking too much. No doubt. But it can also help with the many ways we make ourselves “hungover”.

Crappy’s Feel Better was started with one mission in mind – Help People Feel Better. We, the nerds at Crappy’s, could see how the natural extracts of hemp could help people fight common ailments. That’s what most of us struggle with, aliments, often self-induced. I think most of us believe in working hard and playing harder. We at Crappy’s do. Put everything you have into everything you do. We push our bodies and minds to the limits all the time. When we do, we get “hungover”. We drink too much. We stay up too late. We workout too hard. We work too much. We all push ourselves too hard at times. When you do, and you feel that “Ugh” remain from what has passed, pop a Hangover Helper to help get you back to kickin’ ass, not draggin’ it.

So, how does Hangover Helper give you that pep you need? What is IN the name? Inside every tablet there is a tailored blend of CBD, CBG and CBN, and of course, our proprietary Recovery terpene blend. Hangover Helper was formulated with CBG and CBN, in addition to CBD, to help with minor aches and provide a boost, a pep in your step, as we like to call it. Personally, I start every morning with a Hangover Helper. I call it my Wake & Take. It knocks down my aches & pains while perking me up at the same time. It’s like my morning cup of Java and a pain reliever all in one. Sara A recently posted something similar on our site. She wrote, “I use FADE FIGHTER when I need to get things done. I use HANGOVER HELPER when I just want to feel better." Thanks for sharing your wisdom Sara A. You nailed it. Hangover Helper is great for an all-around Feel Better, especially after you pushed yourself too much.

I hope you found this little read worth your time, and I hope we leave you with two important messages. First, Hangover Helper is for anytime you push your body to the limits, however you choose to do that. It helps you get back to feeling yourself - an all-around Feel Better to get that pep back in your step. Second, be careful with labels. As Billy Shakespeare also pointed out so many years ago, “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” All of us are bound, not by the labels we choose, only by the limits of our own imagination. Wow. That is some deep stuff Billy