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TRUTH OR CRAP? CBD products that have more CBD work better.

TRUTH OR CRAP? CBD products that have more CBD work better.

May 8th 2020

That’s Crap!

We, at Crappy’s Feel Better, get it. It seems very logical. More is Better. But, with many things in life, like hangovers, more is not always better.

CBD is a wee little molecule. It belongs to a class of molecules that we, nerds, refer to as cannabinoids. CBD, CBG, CBN, THC – all cannabinoids, but different molecules. Cannabinoids are different in the way they interact with the human body, thus making them all have different effects. But all cannabinoids are the same in the fact that they are very insoluble to the human body. This is the reason why more doesn’t equal better. It’s all about gettin’ the solubility right first. We developed some cool tech that makes Cannabinoids SOLUBLE in Water. You might be thinking “Big whoop, Crappy’s! You made CBD soluble in water, why would anyone care?”

Recall the days when you were bored as hell in Chemistry class? (We at Crappy’s Feel Better don’t. But we do remember you rolling your eyes at us when we excitedly raised our hands.) You may remember the teacher saying - Like dissolves like. Cannabinoids and water do not like each other. They’re like oil and water, or like oil and vinegar salad dressing. Alone? Yuck. Together? Yum. You can shake up that dressing forever, they won’t ever be soluble. They mix, but never solubilize. Naturally, they always separate. In fact, Cannabinoids (lets use CBD as an example) and water are just like the nerds and the cool kids in high school. They don’t hang out. You can put them together at a school dance, but the CBD will never mix it up on the dance floor. CBD just stands against the wall and talks about chemistry...whether someone’s standing there or not.

Crappy’s Feel Better found a way to bring Cannabinoids and water together. We are more like a nice hot glass of tea. Throw in some sugar, stir it up. Delicious. Sugar is soluble in water (the tea). It’s not sitting at the bottom. It’s IN there. That’s what Crappy’s Feel Better tablets do. It gets the CBD INTO your body. Our CBD mixes it up on your body’s dance floor and it’s got some smooth moves!

We, as humans, are made primarily of water. Weird to think about sometimes, right? We are walking, breathing, partying containers of water. You can’t just swallow some cannabinoids and be all like, let’s get our groove on. The simple fact is you will only get a small amount of CBD into your body, a small percentage of what you swallowed. Oil and water, right? Where does the rest go? Well, it’s crap. You are literally flushing most of the CBD, and your money, down the toilet. Many companies sell products with massive amounts of CBD. Way more than you need, and they still don’t work. They haven’t figured out how to get CBD on your dance floor. Their CBD stands against the wall and probably calls its parents to get picked up early.

At, Crappy’s Feel Better, we believe that less is more. We don’t pack CBD into our products. We pack science into our products. We get the Feel Better in your body. We do a lot more, with a lot less. Our little tablet will make you Feel Better than anything else you can buy. A little Feel Better goes a long way.

Chew it up. Get your groove on. It’s like one big high school dance in your body, and our little CBD tablets are cutting a rug.