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The Perfect Match for the Hatch - Gear up for a Day on the Water.

The Perfect Match for the Hatch - Gear up for a Day on the Water.

Oct 9th 2020

We, at Crappy’s Feel Better, have spent countless hours fly- fishing together. We probably couldn’t prove it, but there is a good chance that the whole concept of Crappy’s was started from ideas thrown around a campfire. We have spent considerable time fishing for those Brown Beauties in the limestone streams of central Pennsylvania. You may have caught a glimpse of us kayaking the flats of Texas searching the glass for tails. Good chance, if you were ever drifting for steelies in the tribs of Lake Ontario, you may have RUN into us (pun intended). And, of course, our home-field of Colorado has seen us wading, drifting and floating its vast, wonderful waters from top to bottom and from side to side. Truth be told, we, the folks at Crappy’s, field-tested our products extensively by doing exactly what we all love to do – push our passions to the extreme.

So, if we could be your Feel Better Guide for a day on the water, we would share this advice with you…

1.  "Before you wet a line, You Gotta Tie One On."

I’m talking about the right fly, but often it is something entirely different. That first night of an outing can be trouble. We’ve been there. The excitement of a long-planned trip finally coming together, reconnecting with old friends, and sitting around that first campfire in the open mountain air, can really raise your spirits. So, in kind, you spend the night raising some spirits of your own – good times, good friends, good spirits a plenty. When the sun comes up (way too early) and you need to get out for the early risers, this is where Hangover Helper comes to the rescue. Hangover Helper has some added CBG and CBN, plus a proprietary terpene blend, to help you shake that nagging headache and foggy head. Don’t stop there though. Hangover Helper is not just for the morning after a late night of sippin’ spirits. We have personally found that after the days of a fishing trip takes its toll on you– early mornings, long days, late nights – you get to feeling a little ‘hungover’. Hangover Helper is a great morning boost to pick you up and get you ready for fish on.

2.  "The Key to a Good Day is a Good Drift."

I was once told, wisely, that all trout eat only one thing – a good drift. Often, as many anglers have learned, a good cast is far more important than the perfect fly. A good cast comes from a clear mind, a calm feeling and some good mojo. Never get into that downward spiral of frustration, where you get frustrated, fish poorly, get more frustrated, fish more poorly, and down we go. Find a rock, sit back, pop a Party Prep and chill out. Party Prep also contains CBG, in addition to CBD, plus its proprietary terpene blend, to help calm anxieties and help you relax. Often, we find ourselves running from the job, to get suited up in time for the evening hatch. Physically, we are in our happy place, but mentally, we are still busy at work. Party Prep can help you shake the stress, calm the nerves and put you in the right mojo to tighten those lines.

3.  "The Action Picks Up When the Sun Goes Down."

I love a good wader nap. After an early rise and a long morning of fishing, there is always a nice break, while the sun is high and the wind is blowing, before the night bite comes on. It makes for a perfect nap. Just find a good-looking resting place, kick your feet up and enjoy the nice, warmth of your waders. The problem with wader naps - I rarely ever take one. I just keep on fishing. At times, after you fished all morning and all day, you’re just not up for the evening hatch or the night bite. But, let’s face it, you know if you don’t join your buddies and the bite is on, you will never hear the end of it. Bam… take a Fade Fighter to keep you going. Fade Fighter also contains CBG, in addition to CBD, again, with a proprietary blend of terpenes, designed to counter your fade and keep you focused on the strike. Fade Fighter will give you the pick-me-up you need to stay focused and enjoy a long day, from the morning risers to the night bite.

4.  "You Gotta Fish Where the Fish Are."

Any angler, or backpacker for that matter, can tell you with certainty that water is heavy. It can take you for a tumble, or wear you down, if you’re not paying your proper respect. Water is often the only thing that separates you from feeding fish and it can be very formidable. Once, when I was having the booties in my waders replaced, the customer service rep at my favorite retailer asked me a question that made me think. She asked, ‘Are you an aggressive wader?” I really didn’t know. I can tell you this, as I told her, if there are a bunch of trout rising against the far bank, I’m going to try to get there. Who wouldn’t? So, we wade through the rough stuff and then proceed to get after that good drift. I don’t know about you, but I am a big fan of high-stick nymphing. Get that arm nice and high, now hold that drift steady… and repeat for 9 hours. After a long day, my knees, back, shoulders and elbows need a little love. Back at camp, rub some Muscle Marvel in and let the Feel Better begin. Muscle Marvel can help you reduce your muscle and joint inflammation and help boost regeneration so that you can stay after it, day after day, species after species, season after season.

5.  "Charred Ears and Raccoon Eyes Are the Marks of a Great Fisherman."

We, at Crappy’s Feel Better, know the feeling of walking into a fly shop after a good week into a fishing trip. Gotta stop by to get the latest info, grab a few flies and supplies, and, of course, support the local stores in exchange for their service. After a week of sun and skeeters, your well-earned raccoon eyes and charred ears are a dead giveaway for a serious sport. Point is – those elements can really take a toll on the ole looks. The older I get, the more I need to keep what I have left of the ole looks. When you think about all the other stuff that can tear you up – that cold, howling wind, those wader snaggin’ jaggers, the random hook to the finger – its good to have a little remedy on hand. Skin Stuff, our natural salve as simple as the name, is great to help you master the elements and the mishaps- sun and wind burn, minor cuts and scrapes, rashes and bumps.

6.  "Rip Some Lip, But Not Your Own."

Being a gearhead, I have a pack (and a rod & reel set up) for nearly every kind of fishing situation. What I need when hopping down to the creek to catch a couple eager brookies after dinner differs considerably from when fishing high-country lakes for a week. Its simple pack management – you have to fit for purpose. The size, material, compartmentalization, all of it, needs to be situational. But, one thing is very common among every pack I own – it has some lip balm in it. You just flat out need it. When I am fishing for King’s in the biting, cold wind blowing off the Great Lakes, or when I am fishing in the elevations and sun of highland lakes for cruising cuts, or when I am floating the flats after reds, I need a different pack, but I need lip balm everywhere. Lip Crap, our CBD and SPF 15 lip balm, is just the best crap for your lips – soothing, moisturizing and protective. As a friend of mine always says, “You don’t know if you don’t go”. That is the wonderful thing about fishing. Any day, any cast, it could be the biggest catch of your life. Make sure your smackers are as smooth as your cast. You might need to Get Lippy.

7.   "At least you know you will catch something."

I don’t sleep well in a new environment. Even when traveling, I toss and turn that first night in a hotel room. When you factor in sleeping on the ground, ugh, those first couple nights on a fishing trip are some long nights. I have also found that after fishing the night bite, I have a hard time getting to sleep. I just lay there. I’m tired, but my mind is in a frenzy, visualizing the strikes or fretting over that big one I missed. Power Down is a great companion for a night on the road or in a tent. Crappy’s blend of CBD and CBG, and terpenes, is tailored to help fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up recharged. You may not catch a lunker on every trip, but you know you will catch some good Zzzs.

One cool thing you will notice when you check out our products, we really had our activities in mind when we made them. Our products are easy-to-use and are made with fit-for-purpose packaging. We use similar packaging to leaders and split shot, so your packs are already designed to carry them easily. This Crappy Guide might not be able to put you on better water, but we hope we can help make your time on the water better.