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Powder's Perfect Pairing - Gear up for a Day on the Slopes

Powder's Perfect Pairing - Gear up for a Day on the Slopes

Oct 5th 2020

We, at Crappy’s Feel Better, get a lot of questions from folks wondering how to best use our products. After all, “CBD” has been promoted for just about anything and for just about anyone. We get it. So, we would like to introduce a new Blog Series, The Crappy Companion, to focus on combining some things we have had a lot of experience with and have grown to be passionate about – our products and our pastimes. We believe in working hard and playing harder. 

The Perfect Pairing for Powder - Gear up for a Day on the Slopes

We, at Crappy’s Feel Better, love to hit the slopes. Our home of Conifer, Colorado is smack dab in the Rockies and when the weather turns, so does our passion. It turns straight toward the slopes. That is the beautiful thing about having sports for all 4 seasons – there is always something to do and there is never too much snow.

So, if we could be your Feel Better Ski Bum for a day on the slopes, we would share this advice with you…

1.  “Some days you need a lift before the lift”

I don’t know about you, but after a long day on the slopes, there is nothing like sitting down in the warmth of a fire, or furnace, kicking off the boots and having a drink. Whether it’s an Après Ski or just a little get together with ski buddies, it’s always fun reminiscing and soaking in the good times. That next morning, though, you may pay for it. Some mornings, I hurt from my head to my toes - Got a headache, legs and back are sore, knees and shoulders creak. Once, I even smashed my big toe into the front of a rented boot and lost my toenail. I literally hurt all the way from my head to my toes. This is where Hangover Helper can be your game changer. Hangover Helper has some added CBG and CBN, plus a proprietary terpene blend, to help you shake that nagging headache, aches or foggy head. It will give you the lift you need before the lift.   Drink responsibly. Drink prepared.

2.  “Ripper, Shredder, or Gaper, it’s all about having a good time.”

Skiing is a dance and the mountain always leads. When I was learning, hopping up and down the bunny slope, I would get my kicks out of pizza and french fries. I guess you could say the mountain and I were doing a little “teapot” dance. When I got older, especially my teenage and college days, I would choose to break dance with the mountain, seeking out the black diamond to get my fresh on. Later in life, I guess you could say I would choose to waltz with the mountain. Nothing too daring, but just enjoying the rhythm and the slide. Point being, however you choose to dance with the mountain - rip, shred, gape, or doin’ your own thing - it’s your mojo that matters. When you’re headed to slopes, pop a Party Prep to calm the jitters and find your line. Party Prep also contains CBG, plus its proprietary terpene blend, to help calm anxieties and help you relax.

3.  “When the snow is dumping, don’t lose your edge.”

Don’t you love that feeling of waking up and looking out at the new fallen, white wonderland and excitedly whispering those words of pure joy – SNOW DAY! Whatever you had going on, forget it. Wax ‘em up, head to the slopes and grab an all-day pass. As the fresh powder continues to fall you gotta keep after it before it all gets tracked out. Make hay when the sun shines, right? Bam… pop a Fade Fighter to keep you going. Fade Fighter also contains CBG, again, with a proprietary blend of terpenes, designed to counter your fade and keep you focused on holding your edge. Fade Fighter will give you the pick-me-up you need to stay focused and enjoy an all-day pass, from the morning runs to the night ski

4.  “Sometimes you shred the gnar, sometimes the gnar shreds you.”

Ski good or eat wood. It’s simple and straightforward. There are days when you can’t do any wrong. You just carve it up. Somedays, you end up hosting a yard sale half-way down the run. We have all been there – sometimes you shred, sometimes you get shredded. After a long day, including the occasional rag doll, sometimes my legs, knees, back, need a little love. Back at the base, rub some Muscle Marvel in and let the Feel Better begin. Muscle Marvel can help you reduce your muscle and joint inflammation and help boost regeneration so that you can stay after it, confidently, run after run, snowfall after snowfall.

5.  “We like big bumps and we cannot lie."

Moguls. You love ‘em or you hate ‘em. We love ‘em. We love those big bumps. Just find your rhythm, ride easy and tackle them with conviction. Now, big bumps on your face? Nah. When that pow pow hits your face, it will dry your skin out quickly. So, be sure to mind your Gaper Gap. Keep your goggles tight to that helmet. It will keep you warmer, less foggy and most importantly keep you from getting a sunburnt or wind burnt forehead. Don’t be a Gaper. Skin Stuff, our natural salve as simple as the name, is great to help you master the elements and the mishaps- sun and wind burn, minor cuts and scrapes, rashes and bumps.

6.  “Keep your smackers as smooth as your swagger.”

Two things I use just as much in the snow as I do in the sun – sunglasses and lip balm. Enough said, right? Lip Crap, our CBD and SPF 15 lip balm, is just the best crap for your lips – soothing, moisturizing and protective. The CBD in our Lip Crap gives your lips a boost of Feel Better that lessens the ping in your pucker-up and lets you get lippy .

One cool thing you will notice when you check out our products, we really had our activities in mind when we made them. Our products are easy-to-use and are made with fit-for-purpose packaging. They fit seamlessly into your ski bag and are handy enough to keep in your ski jacket. This Crappy Ski Bum might not be able to give you steez, but we hope we can help make your time on the slopes Feel Better.