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Why Believe a Bunch of Nerds?

First thing’s first, you can always believe nerds, especially these ones. Why? Because we’ve been at this for a really long time (over 75 combined years, but who’s counting?) Nerds also love answering any burning questions you may have. You can find the answers about CBD and our CBD products here!



So, it all started when a group of chemists sat down together in Conifer, Colorado, and wondered just how cool life would be if people didn’t have to feel Crappy. Then BOOM. We were born—a line of go-to CBD products with one mission: to make you Feel Better.

About Us

What folks are saying about Crappy's?

Fade Fighter is different from other CBD products I have tried. I have ADHD and anxiety so I have a hard time redirecting my focus to accomplish all of the things I need to in a day. It gives me cleaner energy than coffee and more focus than any other CBD product I have tried, and that's saying a lot! @chrissyharless
I would definitely recommend Hangover Helper to help relieve the ails from a rough night of partying! It helped me with a quick recovery from morning jitters and brain fog. Sandy Lopez
Working from home can be tough. I find myself needing multiple pick-me-ups. Crappy’s Feel Better definitely came through for me. They set themselves apart from other CBD products by having a pack for every situation versus a “one-size fits all” solution. @alexplantsplants

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